Artists on Life Festival Oswiecim

Taco Hemingway

Born in Cairo, 1990. His real name is Filip Szczesniak and he became somehow recognizable about six years ago when he published a YouTube parody of the "Downfall" movie under the title "In Search of electro". Clip has collected nearly 2.5 million views to date. It was not until late 2013 when Taco decided to take on a musical career, thet started with a release of English-language album "Young Hems".

Taco Hemingway

A year later Szcześniak decided to rap in Polish. On "Trojkat Warszawski" and released a few months later "Umowa o dzielo" there were lyrics so versatile that most youths can identify with them easily. These two albums of Taco, which were released either on physical CD, as well as made available for free download from artist’s website, met positive reception of both critics and audience.

Just one year after the "Trojkat Warszawski" release, Taco Hemingway has appeared on major Polish festivals (Open'er, Krakow Live Festival, Tauron Nowa Muzyka), gave a sold-out tour in the largest Polish cities, spent nearly a month at the top of the Polish Radio Three Playlist and went to the podium of Polish albums’ sales list (OLiS).

What’s unique in Taco is that he’s popular although being rapper, not a pop music artist. However, It is widely accepted that Taco makes rap for people who do not listen to rap, actually. It is Rumak, multiskilled dj and producer, who helps Taco to win the crowd.