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Piotr Rogucki

He is a Polish singer, musician and actor, best known as the leader of rock band Coma, born in Łódź in 1978.

Piotr Rogucki

His career began when he took the second place at the Student Song Festival in Cracow in 2001. Three years later Rogucki with the band Coma won a number of awards at the Review of Stage Songs in Wroclaw. Their debut album "Pierwsze wyjście z mroku" in 2004 turned out to be a big hit and the best Polish rock debut early 21st century.

Rogucki needed just few years to become the Polish super star.

Each of the four albums he released with his band Coma won the Fryderyk Prize for "The Best Rock Album of the Year"! Fans love Rogucki for his phenomenal voice and incredible ability to combine poetry, rock and theatre.

Rogucki's solo albums have met with a great response. Album "Loki – Wizja Dźwięku" in 2011 reached the second place of the list OLiS. The artist was nominated for the Fryderyk in the category "Best Male Singer".

In his new project "Rogucki solo" – artist is playing music with elements of narrative, characterization, and visuals.