Artists on Life Festival Oswiecim

Ninet Tayeb

Born in 1983 in Kiryat Gat, Israel. Her career began when she won the Israeli talent show "Kochava Nolad" in 2002. From an early age Tayeb was heavily inspired by the works of Pink Floyd, as well as classics of '90s rock - Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Oasis.

Ninet Tayeb

Her debut album "Barefoot" was recorded a decade ago, then came the next three LPs. Especially 2012’s "Sympathetic Nervous System" was an artistic success, with Mike Crossey, who has worked with The Arctic Monkeys, responsible for its production. Within a few years Ninet became a superstar in her home country, which is confirmed by two MTV Europe Music Awards won for the Israel’s Favourite Act.

Since more than a year she has been receiving acclaim from around the world. She recorded and played gigs with Steven Wilson, the undisputed king of the modern progressive rock. She met him through her debut album’s producer, Aviv Geffen - one of the most popular pop artists in Israel. Geffen once played with Wilson in the Blackfield band and lately he recommended Tayeb to the popular UK guitarist.

The upcoming album will probably bring her well-deserved splendor on the international scene. That will be guessed after listening to the amazing singles "Child" and "Paper Parachute" announcing the album. After her solo concerts in New York and Los Angeles, that met critics’ and public’s acclaim, Ninet is gearing up for an intensive promotion of her extremely fresh rock. Her performance at the Life Festival Oświęcim is the first announcement on her European tour.