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John Newman

Born 16 June 1990 in Seattle, North Yorkshire. Although he’s only 25, he sold more than a million copies of his albums and received nearly a billion views of videos on Youtube. Three songs featuring John Newman reached the first place at the UK Singles Chart.

John Newman

John Newman began his adventure with music over a decade ago. At first he played the guitar and soon learned how to record and produce. After a short DJ period, he decided to pursue a career of soul singer. At the age of 20, Newman moved to London, where he began playing gigs with his band. He was soon picked up by the Island Records’ headhunters, who were so impressed by him, that signed a contract with Newman in the blink of an eye.

Soon the young singer had met Piers Aggeta of Rudimental, who invited Newman to sing in "Feel the Love". The song was a hit and thanks to it Newman sailed on the deep water in 2012. The next single, "Not giving in", recorded with Rudimental again, also received positive reviews from both music critics and audience.

Almost simultaneously Newman presented his first solo single, "Love Me Again", which quickly reached the top of the UK Singles Chart. Released in 2013, his debut album "Tribute" was an absolute bestseller and topped UK Albums Chart. In less than half a year a million copies of it was sold. Newman was appreciated by the Polish audience too, where "Tribute" went Gold.

"Newman’s brilliant at fusing retro influences with modern dance energy" - so wrote Clash Magazine about that debut album. The singer has been nominated for three Brit Awards for “Tribute”. Almost exactly two years after the debut, 18 October 2015, he released his second LP entitled "Revolve". There was also a single "Blame" recorded in 2014 with Scottish electronic music producer, Calvin Harris, that hit number one not only in the UK but also many other European countries.