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DJ, producer, remixer and songwriter from Cracow, collector of music (from club to classical). The art lover, painter and drawer. He appreciates the sound of live instruments. Makes remixes with passions always seeking new sounds.


His musical credits include singles, which was presented by radio stations in Poland and in the world. The biggest hit of the artist is the song "Follow You", which conquered the charts. In this production he was supported by WurlD, American singer working with Timbaland. The video for that song has more than 2,5 million views yet!

The artist entered the charts in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Russia. "Follow You" was included in top hundred most air played songs in Europe.

Recording the single "You Make Me Say" he collaborated with Ali Tennant, famous musician, songwriter and vocal coach in the English editions of “X Factor” and “The Voice” (he was making music for Jessie J, Tulisy, Pixie Lott, Alexandra Burke and David Guetta) as well as the rapper Tommy Gunn. The song was played all over the world.

Ali Tennant reappeared in "Live For The Lights". The song was created in a London studio Burbree and the French studio Color Sound, where also make music Justice, Avicia, Kanye West, Arno Cost and Sebastien Drums.

Gromee also collaborated with vocalist Andreas Moe (Tiesto, Hardwell) and Swedish multi-instrumentalist Wrethovem. He's going to release his debut album via Sony Music.