Artists on Life Festival Oswiecim


One of the most recognizable figures on the Polish club scene. In love with house music, the only DJ who was mixing for the legendary Ministry Of Sound. As a long-term radio journalist he's associated with RMF Maxx, where he runs "Hop Bec In The Mix".


He's also the head of RMF Club - the largest radio station with club music in the Polish Internet. His concert at Cracow's Main Market Square at New Year's Eve 2009/2010 was attended by 110 thousand people!

DJ ADHD is also a pianist by training and sound engineer by profession - in one of the largest recording studios in the country. He has already plated at Life Festival Oświęcim in 2013, where he supported Sting.

In Oswiecim, DJ ADHD will be joined on stage by Mad Fiddle on violin and Tom Drabik on saxophone, as well as by the sensational singer Kasia Malenda. She's a participant of the last edition of The Voice Of Poland, where she delighted the jury: Edyta Gorniak was moved to tears, and Piasek sang acapella especially for her. The talented singer has so much energy that she turns into a vocal volcano on stage!