Artists on Life Festival Oswiecim


Blu’Ska is not a band, it’s ‘stand of mind’, vividly colorized reality created by the group of friends from Jawiszowice (near Oświęcim). Blu'Ska was created with a great dose of positive emotions and passion resulting music in their own style - blu'ska, that each defines as they wish.


They do not pigeonhole, do not compare and just do their job. SKA REGGAE elements make them bursting with positive energy volcano stage that moves all, from the youngest to the oldest, regardless of the views.

Their hallmark is catchy and easy to remember melodies played by wind section with an accordion, trumpet and trombone. For this, two electric guitars, bass, drums and a gem in the form of congas and bongos that is ethnic drums which create a unique atmosphere.

Blu'Ska appeared in the eleventh edition of the famous TV show, Must Be The Music, where they got very positive feedback and presented to a wide audience